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Anonymous Asked:
Can I send you nudes on snapchat instead if you have it

My answer:

I’m not accepting nude submissions through my snapchat. If I’m at work and I open a snap that is a picture of your penis I’ll likely get fired. If I’m visiting my family and you happen to be horny enough to send more nudes my way and someone sees it it’ll be very uncomfortable.

My point is, I use snapchat with people like my sister, my friends, my coworkers, and sometimes my bosses. I open snaps when I am around these people. My account is very PG.

However I don’t necessarily open kik at work or when I’m spending time with somebody. Because why would I be in a text conversation with someone when someone else is right in my face. Also, kim rule of thumb I just like getting nudes.
You can actually just upload/attach them to a submission right here via tumblr.

This has been a Nude Submission PSA.


Polly Balitro


The Front Bottoms - Talon of the Hawk

Have you ever loved someone and you realized that they would never love you back. It’s one of the most overwhelmingly miserable feelings I’ve ever had. I’m hopelessly in love with you. I’m hopelessly in love with getting my feelings hurt and with the fact that you’ll never be mine. I can’t explain how stupid I am because every other day I’m heart broken.

Does anybody wanna ask me stuff
Or send nudes
Or ask me stuff on kik while sending nudes




I just wanted someone to love me


NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center -  View of the Earth on September 21, 2005 with the full Antarctic region visible.

cute dogs and adventure

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